Sinking deep. I am the stone you threw in the ocean; rejected by everyone, the unwanted creature. Perhaps you threw me for enjoyment, for your pleasure or to let your anger out. But now, I am damaged and sinking.

One push from someone close and the brain goes into isolation mode; cutting ties from friends and choosing loneliness over company. A slight moment of satisfaction; no one can hurt me anymore. And the sanity walks away. I am insane and sinking.

Everyone gets saved by someone, where is my saviour? Unable to save myself, I am waiting to be saved. There is sorrow for there is no hope. There is no one to save me, no hand to help me out of the ocean of isolation. I am hopeless and sinking.

Hurt and broken. Who cares about the internal damage? Anxiety strikes, this seclusion will kill me. Maybe it was me who let you throw me away like I had no value. In the end, everything is my fault.. I am blaming myself and sinking.

Rock bottom, no more sinking but I am still isolated.


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