Lost in the fumes, coughing up smoke, feel the presence of death. Silence heightens the fear that embarks from this darkness. Have you become so used to the gloomy air of the end that you forgot death that is breathing so close to your ear? Hear that sound in the silence and let the fear grasp you till you fear it no more. 

That beating heart, isn’t it pumping so loud? How about letting death take a hold of it so it can caress it like a mother then squeeze it and crush it like your bitterest enemy. Feel the pain, feel the life draining out of you. 

Breathe. The oxygen in the air is draining; Inhale it all inside, don’t let it out. Breathe. The sadist is sucking the air out of your lungs. Breathe. Choking throat, the suffocated body cant take it anymore. Breathe, breathe; breathe no more.

That sting in the brain hurts, death is somewhere near. Intensified pain; is it a tumour? The fiend is capturing this exceptional organ. High pitched sound; braindead. Plug out the ventilator. Are you really dead? 

Look at that lifeless body; the shine of eyes disappeared like it never existed, the blood frozen and cold as if the temperature had dropped so low, the body still as a doll. 

Save your soul, don’t let the demons drag it away. 


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