The past that is gone 

Gone is the moment which i spent wondering and weeping over the ones I lost; perhaps I thought they would’ve stayed, but becoming so fond of someone has never seemed to be of any benefit. Let that moment wither from my unfathomable mind and let the memories be lost in the galaxies.

Gone is the time I spent with my kith and kin alongside the memories we made. Everyone has different memories of the same moment; its all about perspective and emotion, but the time is gone and the memories we hold so close to our beating hearts just amount to the gloominess of life.

Gone are the tears I shed; the shoulder I cried on; the consoling voice of a friend. Wasted my tears on a certain people for the arrows that they hit me. Failed to appreciate the shoulder I cried on and was unable to express my love. Still yearning for the solace in a friend and the warmth of the hug that melts my ice cold heart.

Slowly fading away from this world without experiencing the epiphany of it. Am I dead or am I alive? The question haunts my existence. Perhaps my life will be wasted dying till I drop dead.

Gone, gone, gone and fading away.




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