A moment ago, feelings were rushing inside me and making a tornado of their own. But what dominated was happiness; it is always a different emotion that dominates when all the feelings rush to me. It is amusing how the quota of happiness, love, and joy had intensified while the other emotions in their presence were not enough to dominate.

One’s whole life will pass by and they won’t figure out how to keep the joy dominating over the others. How do you snap out of the feeling of happiness without realising it yourself? It’s like someone pulled it all out of me; the light my soul was giving to keep the happiness alive. Why wasn’t it replaced with something else? It all feels blank as if I  had no emotion.

All my heart wants is solace, the real question is if I am ready to give what it wants. I yearn for the feelings I had a few hours ago; it feels like it has been forever since they left. I suppose that my appreciation wasn’t enough and it needed more. This thought will slowly devour my whole soul as I lie motionless, unable to help myself.


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