Everything is inside you 

The night sky is the most alluring view and it would need a massive amount of effort to get my eyes off it. It gives off this magical feeling that makes me feel as if the sky is where my soul lives,among the constellations. This unique darkness is the only thing that can kindle me to love all the beauty this universe has to offer and simultaneously make me feel as if I’m a single speck of dust. I can get lost among the stars and the galaxies forever but the forever lasts till my eyes close and I fall asleep.

The galaxies and everything comprising within them have always found a way of soothing my soul, the way a mother consoles her crying baby. This universe has played the role of a mother for me multiple times; teaching me lessons about life, helping me stand back up when I fell down and most of all giving me hope.Surprisingly, it has spoken to me countless times without even saying a single word. Perhaps that is why I have always loved staring at the galaxies through a telescope, watching the nebula and star-dust colliding.

It is tragically sad that we never really realise that we have galaxies within us and we have a universe of our own inside us. Our soul is a star in our own universe and some days we just aren’t okay so the light within us becomes dull but some days we are shinning bright as the sun and that is when we are the happiest. We all share our light with the others and strive to become the moon without knowing that the moon wishes to be a star. If only the stars knew their worth, they might have been grateful for everything.

One day this star will become a shooting star, firing up the skies and becoming something to wish upon for everyone out there. And that will be the end of a star, the countless galaxies within and a whole another universe.


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