Mind fence


A fence is an illusion of safety. By definition it is an upright structure enclosed around an area of ground to prevent access or escape. Perhaps a fence just allows your mind to feel safe even though often it is the contrary. Perhaps its purpose is different than what most of us believe.

Just like a fence that seems to be securing an area, a mind also has a similar fence. A fence in the mind is something that might seem to be protecting it but in reality, it is actually stopping you from reaching your full potential and thinking outside of the box. This is the fence the society keeps you inside; preventing you to escape it and stopping the ones that have escaped to enter inside again.Once a person manages to escape this fence inside their mind and think aside from what the society tells us to think, the society becomes shocked to see something out of the ordinary and declares that person as something similar to an outcast.

If this fence wasn’t there then possibly there won’t be people with broken dreams pointing at the society who stopped them from pursuing their dreams. Society is the one who created this fence with the fear that people might get out of control.

This fence is a figment of our imaginations yet it still seems to be real. Perhaps one day someone or something terrible might hit society that it will come to realise that this fence doesn’t really exist and that day will define freedom. All in all, if one forgot this I need to remind you; you are a part of society and so am I.



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