Plain white paper

I stare at a plain white paper. Oh it’s so smooth and beautiful. A sudden urge hits me as it does every time I stare at a plain paper to not let it be the way it is and carve something on it so I can leave my mark on it.

Is it okay to say that I have always wanted to leave my mark on this world; be it in a positive or negative way? I might have always wanted it to be in a positive way but perhaps I won’t let the opportunity go if I have a chance to leave my mark on this world in a negative way.

Leaving my mark on this world. I have always been unable to comprehend how one is supposed to do that. Perhaps, I would leave my mark here in the end when I am dead; the mark would be my dead body or in fact my grave. Or perhaps, I might do it by inspiring someone. But how do you inspire someone when you’re a mess yourself? Maybe I have already left my mark in someone’s heart or on someone’s mind. But I believe the old memories in your mind fade away as new memories come. It did strike me one day that maybe it is something that can only be possible in imaginations. Maybe someone would help me realise that I can’t and no one can.

I scribble my name on the plain white paper while feeling the satisfaction. It hit me harder than it should have, maybe because everything was right in front of me and I still didn’t realise. For all one knows, this might be the mark I will leave on this world.


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