Happiness. It’s just a word given to an emotion. Nothing out of the ordinary. Most people yearn for happiness when they are sad, others are happy about being sad. But when you are truly happy, do you realise that this happiness won’t last long? Certainly not. Some people do realise it though and then they feel sad. Its pretty complicated if you think about it. 

There is one thing most people don’t realise. It is that you won’t feel happiness until you have felt sadness and vice versa. They say that after every sad times comes happy times, after every pain comes relief. But what if it is just another saying which has a whole lot on the inside. When you go through sad times which can be anything differing from person to person and the different kinds of pain we feel, you either realise what you have in life and start to be grateful for it hence you become happy or you happen to yearn for happiness and somehow you find it, in a person or a thing or something you do.But there is a part to it that no one talks about. It is that after happy times comes sad times. It is somewhat that you yearn sadness and you get it. But it can be that you have been happy for so long that when something goes slightly wrong you get upset. Anyhow, it is an ongoing cycle and there won’t be moments that you will not be happy or sad.

Everyone finds happiness in different things. Some might find it in having a lot of friends and others might find it in being alone. Some might find it in doing what they like-bicycling on the hill or late night long drives or reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate or travelling the world. But for one thing, happiness is not served on a plate to anyone. You have to search for it and find it but you can’t keep it treasured with you forever because at some point in your life you will experience sadness.



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